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Crafting with our Honest Kids Pouches

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We’ve been fans of Honest Tea for years — their iced tea was such a refreshing (pun intended) change from the overly sweet teas that we had been used to, and their commitment to organic and fair trade is amazing. We were happy to partner with them to give Green Kid Crafts subscribers a free trial pack of their Honest Kids pouches as part of our Food Adventures Discovery Box and are still getting rave reviews.

Certainly in our house these pouches are a mainstay. We use them on trips and for school lunches…  they really are just so convenient, my kiddos love them, and feel like a good mom since they are organic and low in sugar. But, as an eco-mom I’ve always had a hard time rationalizing that convenience knowing that I’m adding to the waste stream.

Thankfully, Honest Tea is already working to minimize their impact on the environment and has partnered with TerraCycle to turn these pouches into things like backpacks and outdoor furniture. (Yes, really!) It’s actually free to sign up and they even cover the shipping cost. Just collect your empty pouches in a box, download a label and off they go! TerraCycle also accepts lots of different kinds of food packaging; check out all of the other brigades you can join here.

The folks at Honest Tea wanted to see what other uses we could find for their pouches so Rowan and I brainstormed and came up with two great crafts: an at-the-ready apron and handy wall hanging. The pouches are really such a great thing to work with because they are essentially waterproof pockets that you can store or organize anything. You can see Rowan having fun organizing some craft supplies with her apron in the photo above.

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