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Summer Fun Idea: Make a Bubble Wand at Home

By June 29, 2017October 1st, 2018No Comments

DIY bubble wand from supplies you can find around the house. Also tells you how to make your own bubble solution!

Summer Fun Idea: DIY Bubble Wand

My kids love bubbles but we’re always losing the bubble wands and running out of bubble solution. We’ve learned that making diy bubble wands at home is easy and fun. No more trips to the store to buy bottles of bubbles when we have everything we need in our kitchen cupboards.

Bubbles make a great summer activity or indoor rainy day activity. I usually save projects like these for when the kids have excess energy and need an easy activity to keep them occupied. It’s something I can pull together without making plans for a trip to the store. If you don’t have these supplies on-hand you may want to add them to your pantry for some easy summer fun!

Bubbles are easy to make. Fill a shallow dish with water and add about a tablespoon of dishsoap. The amount of dishsoap you need depends on how much water you’re using. If bubbles aren’t being made when you blow through the wand, you need more soap.

Supplies to make a Bubble Wand

  • Crafting wire
  • Pliers or scissors

diy bubble wand

How to Make a DIY Bubble Wand

  1. Cut 10 inches of crafting wire
  2. Simply bend the piece of wire in half and twist together. Create a large loop at the bend end before twisting for where bubbles will be made.
  3.  Twist the loose ends of the wire until you reach the bottom and wrap any loose ends tightly so no one gets poked by the wire. You can also use two different colors of wire and wrap one around the other as seen in the pictures.
  4. Dip the open looped end of the wire into the bubble solution and blow to make bubbles. You can also decorate the wands with beads or wrap the handle in string for decoration.

diy bubble wand

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