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Ok, so yes… this information should be posted on our Kudos page but we are actually about to do a little remodeling over there so I thought it best to post it to our blog.

We’ve been so touched by all of the great things people have been saying about Green Kid Crafts lately! It’s so, so wonderful to see kids having fun with the crafts and getting out and exploring their environment.  A couple of the recent clips that are making us giddy are shown below.  We’ve started a collection of these on our “Reviews” board on Pinterest too.

The best sample boxes for mom and baby: “…these eco-friendly craft kits spark creativity”  – FabFitFun 

“… saves you time and ‘forces’ you to spend some time crafting with your kids by delivering Eco-friendly crafts to your door. It’s a fabulous idea, and as I often say – “Why didn’t I think of that?””  – Eco-Babyz

“I am super impressed and would love to get a subscription for our kids…”  – Tales of a Mountain Mama

“I’ll be honest, when I first heard of Green Kids Crafts, I figured they were just like any other monthly box service. I was wrong – they are much, much better!”  – Mama Papa Barn

“They put a lot of effort into making each craft eco-friendly and also educational. We had a wonderful time with minimal organizing efforts on my part, which is crucial for me as a busy student, teacher, and mother. I am so excited to buy…”  – Why We Love Green

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