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Earth Day Crafts for Kids!

By April 18, 2013February 4th, 20212 Comments

Earth Day is just around the corner. Here are some of our favorite Earth Day Crafts!  Let us know what you will be doing for Earth Day in the comments.

1.) Celebrate Earth Day by creating this beautiful Earth Garland from No Time for Flash Cards.  Use coffee filters, water and food coloring.  It’s such a festive way to enjoy Earth Day!

2.)  These Painted Sticks by Molly are beautiful!  Create your own by going for a nature walk and collecting some sticks.  Then transform the sticks into beautiful artwork by painting them.

3.)  Have any old maps lying around?  Create a beautiful Earth Mobile to hang up in your child’s room.  It can be a constant reminder to be kind to our Earth.

4.)  We love this Dirt-Free Vegetable Garden from Box Play for Kids.  You can create it by recycling paper and an egg carton container.

5.)  Create your own Recycled Magazine Flowers from Splish Splash Splatter Art. These are perfect for anyone with allergies and beautiful to display around the house.


 Looking for more Earth Day Craft ideas?  Check out our Green Kid Craft’s Earth Day Activity Guide Download.  It’s free and filled with fun activity ideas for your green kids!




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