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Free weather printables for kids. Check the weather each day and set your weather spinner to todays weather, match terms and pictures with weather vocabulary, and draw weather with weather with these weather activities for kids.


Weather Tracking Activity with Weather Printables

Spring is our favorite time to track weather because each day can be different from the weather the day before. In some areas winter weather is still hanging on through the first couple weeks of spring, while in other areas rain or sunshine are in the forecast. These free weather printables are a great way for kids to track the weather in your area and learn weather terms. You can expand on this weather printable lesson by looking at your local weather forecast on a mobile app or website. Kids can check the upcoming weather and match it to their predictions on the weather printable spinner.

Weather Spinner

The weather printable spinner is easy to assemble. Simply cut out the arrow and attach it to the center of the circle with weather images. Kids enjoy moving the arrow each day to match the weather they see outside. Hang the weather spinner next to your calendar or other morning activities center.

Drawing Weather

Each square on our drawing weather printables has a different type of weather kids can illustrate. Use crayons or markers to draw pictures of rain, snow, and other weather patterns.

Weather Word Match

Mini-meteorologists will love learning the proper weather terms with these weather word printables. Cut them out for a matching game, or flip them upside down for a weather memory game. Do you know the difference between cloudy and partly cloudy?
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Directions for printing: Click the “Click to Print” button above. Download the PDF printable to your computer and save. Open the file and print.

Weather Science Discovery Box

weather printables

The weather crafts inside this Weather Science Discovery Box are sure to turn any child into a mini meteorologist as they create their very own Weather Station, Cloud Finder, and Wind Sock. They’ll have a blast creating their own, unique weather printables like instruments and different types of weather, then continue the fun as they track and measure the weather patterns using their handcrafted tools.

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