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African Paper Plate Necklace

paper plate necklace

paper plate necklace

DIY Paper Plate Necklace

This is one of our favorite African-themed projects. We love how they all turn out so differently! They are made using the outer rim of a large paper plate and they are inspired by the beaded necklaces of the Samburu Tribe.

African Paper Plate Necklaces


Paper plates, paint, paint brushes, and scissors

African Paper Plate Necklaces

African Paper Plate Necklaces

Step one:

Cut a “v” shape out of the top of the plate.  Then cut along the inside circle.

African Paper Plate Necklaces

Step two:

Paint the plate in bright and fun African colors and designs.

African Paper Plate Necklaces

Step three:

Wear the necklace proudly! Maybe dance to some African music!

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