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egg experimentsDisappearing Egg Experiment – Science for Kids

This is a cool experiment to see what happens to the egg shell when an egg sits in white vinegar for a few days! Bet you’ve never gotten to hold an egg that isn’t cooked without the shell before? It is a neat feeling!

Disclaimer : this experiment takes a few days. Once you put the egg in the vinegar, it is to sit for two days.

egg experiment ingredients

> Fresh egg (we used brown as that was what we happened to have on hand)
> Mason jar with lid and ring (doesn’t matter the size, as long as egg can fit)
> White Vinegar


Gently place the egg in the mason jar.

first steps of our egg experiments for kids

Pour in the white vinegar with at least ½ inch space left at the top.

egg experiments for kids underway

Screw the lid/ring on, but not too tightly to allow gas to escape. Now we wait to see what happens in two days!

egg in a jar

Day 1

egg experiments day 1

Day 2

egg experiments underway

Look what happened when we took our egg out! Most of the shell was off and the consistency of what was left was a slimy texture.

We gently ran water over and rubbed off what was left on the egg.

egg experiments results

Check out the comparison to a regular egg!

egg experiments comparison

For such an easy experiment, this yielded some neat results and was something my two year old could easily help me with.


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Photographs and content by: Heather Kucenski


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