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How to Make a Draw Bot

Create your own draw bot! When you think about art, you might not think about computers, robots, and machines. But many artists use technology in all sorts of ways to create works of art. And as far we are concerned, you’re never too young to start mixing art with robotics!

Draw Bot for kids

Drawing Bot supplies needed


Old cd, markers, tape, drill with a drill bit


1. Drill three holes in a CD being careful not to crack the CD. Make sure the drill bit you use is roughly the same size/diameter as the markers you are using. (You should look to offset the holes about 120 degrees from each other so as to create a sort of 3 legged stool)

Drawing Bot step 1

2. Insert the markers through the holes.  To create a tighter fit, you may have to wrap the markers with a piece of tape so they stay in the CD snugly.

Drawing Bot step 2

3. Set the toothbrush on top of the CD and watch the markers create a picture.!

Creating a draw bot

(You may have to adjust the height of the markers in the CD so that the vibrations from the toothbrush you have chosen will cause the “robot” to dance on the paper. HINT: Create an arena for the drawing robot to bounce off walls and be creative.)

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