Our Partnership with Stonyfield

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In all seriousness, if I let my daughter eat Stonyfield yogurt at every meal she would be happier than if Elmo himself showed up to clean the dishes.

Which is just one of the reasons why we were so thrilled to be invited to participate in the myStonyfield Rewards program, joining likeminded companies such as Annie’s, Bear Naked, Dr. Bronner’s, HappyFamily, Organic Valley and others to offer fellow organic dairy lovers rewards for eating well. Setup a (free) account, and every time you purchase a Stonyfield product, you can register reward codes to earn points redeemable on anything from magazine subscriptions to organic food to, now, Green Kid Craft subscriptions.

We’re so excited to join the herd and support one of the leaders of the organic industry and a company that is committed to ‘healthy food, healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy business.’

If somehow you haven’t heard of Stonyfield, be sure to check out their site and, our favorite, their Buzz Blog which is a great resource for information on natural eating and environmental issues, as well as other important topics. Their recent article on bee colonies was incredibly eye opening!

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