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Crafting for Uncrafty Purposes

By August 15, 2012December 23rd, 2020No Comments

So, as I’m prepping for Trash to Treasure Thursday I have to admit that I’m a little disheartened that we haven’t received more entries in our Reuse Your Box photo contest. What could be the trouble I wonder? The prize is amazing (a free six month subscription to Green Kid Crafts, worth $117)! I know you all have boxes since you can use either a Discovery Box or any old box. Then it occurs to me – maybe you’re following Green Kid Crafts because you love that we do all of the creative heavy lifting! Maybe you’re more practical than craftical!

That’s great!

No reason you can’t put yourself in the running for the free six month subscription. Frankly, you probably need it more than anyone right?

There are plenty, and I mean plenty, of non-crafty things to do with a cardboard box that are sure to appeal to your practical side. Here are five to get your wheels spinning. For tons of other ideas, check out our Pinterest board, although there you may be distracted with all of the “crafty” activities too. ☺

Find a project that appeals to your practical side (or any side) and send us a photo by this Sunday, August 19th to enter. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Have fun!

1. Storage
Snazzy storage solutions can be found everywhere in retail.  From Martha Stewart at Home Depot to Elfa at the Container Store, you can find something to hold just about anything! But, with cardboard boxes and rolls coming in all different sizes and shapes, who needs them?  Here are some favorite storage ideas (from left to right): organizers from, magazine or file storage from, hanging shelves from

2. Child furniture
Yes, furniture. Who would have thought that an empty cardboard box could be sturdy enough but sure enough it is! This will save you hundreds, and look adorable in your kiddo’s room.

3. Grown up furniture
It’s even sturdy enough and can be good looking enough for grown up furniture too, but you may need to use a little more creativity for this one. has an amazing post that will make your jaw drop.

4. An extra hand
We came across this one on – what a great idea for crayons and other craft supplies. But it got us thinking… what about making a stand to hold ice cream cones, kabobs or popsicles! I’m sure a little wax paper or mod podge could do the trick!

5. A bed for little ones
Rumor has it that our boxes make wonderful cat beds. (Thanks again Stevie!)

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