Water Wheel

Green energy is generated from natural resources such as sunlight, hot springs, wind, rain, and falling water. These sources are considered renewable because they quickly replenish themselves and are usually available in a never-ending supply. Below we show you how to create energy made from water, known as hydropower, by making your own water wheel.


Water wheel supplies

Bucket, dowel rod, bushing, disposable aluminum pie pan, tape, scissors, protractor, marker, thread and small weight (optional)



Step 1. Cut a circle out of the pie tin bottom. Then punch or cut a hole in the center roughly the size of the dowel rod. Use a marker to divide the tin as shown in the image where the dotted lines represent fold lines and solid lines represent cut lines.

Water wheel

Step 2. Cut along the cut lines. Then fold the triangular pieces along dotted lines to form a fan shape.

Water wheel

Step 3. Tape onto the center of the dowel rod. You can also use the bushing to attach to the dowel rod to the tin. The bushing should fit tightly to the dowel rod.

Water wheel 5

Step 4.  Pour water over your water wheel and watch it turn! To see hydropower in action, tie thread to the base of the water wheel on the rod. Tie the other end of the thread a small weight.  The turning of the water wheel will move the weight up.

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