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Whoah Nelly! We’ve hit 1M on Pinterest!

By October 1, 2012December 23rd, 2020No Comments

We were just going about our day to day when we signed into Pinterest and saw that our follower count had topped 1 MILLION! Thankfully I had swallowed my coffee by the time the page loaded otherwise my poor MacBook would have been doused!

We had been watching it skyrocket over the last few weeks but never imagined that it would get this high, at least not so quickly. (In fact, at first we thought there was an issue with the site so we submitted three separate help desk tickets to see if it was real! No joke!)

But there it is – 1,056,549 followers.

Frankly we’re a little speechless. But we do want to express how thankful we are to know that people are listening (well, pinning).   It makes us happy to know that there are so many other people interested in earth friendly projects.

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