What if eggs were really much stronger than most of us imagine? What if nature’s design of the egg was so perfect that the thin, white outer coating of an egg was strong enough to withstand the weight of your body?



– Two dozen eggs in the cartons


Step 1: Make sure all your eggs are facing the same way in the carton – the large rounded end should be on the bottom of the carton.

Step 2: Step on the eggs! If you do more than two dozen then you can walk across the eggs.


The egg’s unique shape gives it incredible strength. The egg is the strongest at the top and the bottom. If you hold an egg in your hand and squeeze it on the top and the bottom, the egg doesn’t break because you are adding pressure to the ends which are the strongest parts. But, eggs do not stand up well to uneven forces (which is why they crack easily on the side of a bowl). This also explains how a chicken can sit on an egg and not break it!

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