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African Themed Animal Rubbing Plates

By September 14, 2020No Comments

african rubbing plates craft

How to Make Rubbing Plates:

Did you know that you can make your own rubbing plates with just a few supplies you probably have at home? We made African-themed ones here, but the possibilities are endless! Think Valentine’s Day patterns, Christmas shapes, letters of the alphabet…

Animal Rubbing Plates

Supplies:  Cardboard, hot glue gun, crayons, and paper.

Animal Rubbing Plates

Step one:  Cut 4 x 4 cardboard squares or larger if you prefer.

Step two:  Draw designs on each piece of cardboard.  This was an African themed craft for us, so we looked at different designs used in traditional clothing.  Lots of geometric type shapes and lines and very bright colors!  We also wanted to replicate a cheetah and zebra print.  This part required some help from an adult.

Animal Rubbing Plates

Step three:  Adult only: trace the drawings with hot glue and let it dry.

Animal Rubbing Plates

Step four:  Use the sides of crayons to color and make patterns on the paper.

Animal Rubbing Plates

Animal Rubbing Plates

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