Backyard Science

Backyard Science box

Who knew that you have an entire laboratory living right outside your door? The Backyard Science Discovery Box makes the most of the amazing specimens that we might overlook on a day-to-day basis. This hands-on box includes everything your child needs to make pressed leaf clay pendants and homemade paper, nature sunprints, and design a paper mache globe.


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Educational Videos

If you’ve got a little one with an insatiable curiosity, these Kid-Friendly videos might be just what they need!

Our Sun – A quick video about the Earth’s relationship to the sun.

Dandelions – This video walks through the lifecycle of a dandelion from seed to flower and back to seed.

Making Smores in a Solar Cooker – In this fun video, kids learn to make a solar oven to make a tasty snack.

Here Comes the Sun – S deep dive into the sun and how it makes energy that heats the earth.

Check out this full episode of Bill Nye The Science Guy discussing plants and their lifecycle.

Making Paper Out of Trees – This video includes a detailed explanation as well as discussion questions about how paper is made from trees.

Acrylic Paint Sunprint – Building on the sunprint from this month’s GKC box, this video shows how to make a sunprint using acrylic paints.


Activities for At-Home Learning

Want to take your kids’ learning further? You’re in luck!
At Green Kid Crafts we were blogging before blogging was a thing. We’ve got DIY activities for days to keep your kids entertained.
Below you’ll find ideas related to the theme of this box.

More At-Home Learning Resources

We’ve collected and curated even more ways for kids to learn about Backyard Science!
Podcasts, books, environmental organizations, educational initiatives, and more.

Worth a Listen

Worth a Listen

Growing Like a Tree and a Garden – This mindfulness podcast walks listeners through the process of growing like a tree and then how a whole garden grows together.

A Relaxing Sound Adventure – On this episode of Like You, the hosts take children on a sound adventure through nature and cityspaces.

Seeds  – Child hosts take listeners on a trip to a community garden to discuss what seeds need to grow.

Good Reads

Girls Who Looked Under Rocks by Jeannine Atkins. – This book describes the lives of six pioneering female naturalists who broke gender barriers to pursue careers in science.

How to Play in the Woods by Robin Blankenship A fun activity book for all ages covering all aspects of enjoying and exploring the outdoors. From cooking over an open fire to navigating by the stars to making instruments and jewelry from objects found in nature, this book covers it all.

The Nature Connection by Clare Walker Leslie. This outdoor workbook is good for kids and adults alike, describing ways to observe and interact with the natural world wherever you find yourself.

Environmental Causes


SciStarter connects users to thousands of research projects that need volunteers to collect and share data as citizen scientists to advance knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines.

Globe at Night, an international citizen-science campaign, asks volunteers to measure and share light pollution in their area.

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