Worm hotel

Among the most common animals in the world, earthworms benefit most other organisms in the ecosystem in which they reside. Earthworms play a major role in the rainforest. They effectively recycle nutrients from rotting material. They aerate the soil and help incorporate leaf litter into the upper layers of the soil, which encourages fungi and bacteria to decompose the material. Create a worm hotel with your kids for an exciting way to cozy up with nature!

Supplies: Empty two liter bottle, sand, potting soil or dirt, worms

Step 1: Gather supplies and cut top off the bottle.

Earthworm hotel

Step 2: Layer sand and dirt in the bottle in alternative layers.

Earthworm hotel

Step 3: Dig for worms!!!!

Step 4: Add worms and some water to make it moist.

Earthworm hotel

Step 5: Enjoy the worm hotel. Explain to the kids how over time the worms will move the sand and dirt around and it won’t be separated anymore!

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