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bat painting

Bat Painting: Nocturnal Animal Craft

Whether you are looking for a nocturnal animal craft or the perfect Halloween craft, we got you covered with this awesome bat painting silhouette art project.


  • Black construction paper
  • White paint
  • Spray bottle



Step 1: Cut a bat shape out of paper. We folded a piece of paper in half to cut out the bat so it would be symmetrical.


Step 2: Put white paint diluted with some water into a spray bottle.



Step 3: Place the bat on the black construction paper and begin spraying the paper. The end result is the silhouette of a bat in a starry night sky!


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More about nocturnal animals:

Nocturnal animals are more active at night than during the day. These animals sleep during the day, often in a burrow or den. They have special adaptations that help them survive in the dark. Over millions of years, these animals have developed traits that help them survive in the darkness. Nocturnal animals may have larger ears to hear better, bigger eyes to see better, and body parts that glow in the night.

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