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Exciting New Upgrades to Green Kid Crafts Boxes

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Eco-friendly subscription boc for kids. Green Kid Crafts has added exciting new updates to their boxes.

Green Kid Craft boxes have gotten even more green! We’ve been searching high and low to find the most eco-friendly materials for our product. What does that mean for you? You can be rest assured that when you start a Green Kid Crafts subscription that you and your family have chosen a product that leaves a very small footprint on our earth.

Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes for Kids

  • Our boxes have always been 100% recycled and we use recycled labels and envelopes for shipping.
  • We avoid the use of craft foams and plastics.
  • Packaging and printing is done at a minimum and we use recycled packaging materials.
  • We assure supplies can be composted, recycled and/or reused whenever possible.

What’s New with Green Kid Craft Boxes

We’ve been working on an update to the kit bags used in our boxes for months and the process hasn’t been an easy one! Plastic bags can take anywhere from 100-1000 years to break down when dumped in a landfill. While researching we found bags made of corn, plants and other biodegradable materials. The problem with these bags is that recycling centers aren’t prepared for them so they too and up in landfills. Biodegradable bags cannot break down in a home compost bin or city waste center. They require specific conditions and few waste facilities nationwide have the capability to process plastic bags.

Using biodegradable plastics without an ability to recover them reinforces a false sense of responsibility that we are doing good by the environment when we really aren’t. Environmentalists have not given up! They are working hard to ensure the proper recycling practices for alternative plastics will become commonplace in all recycling facilities.

box updates

100% Recycled Material Plastic Bags

While we excitedly await these transformations, Green Kid Crafts has determined that plastic bags made from 100% recycled products are the best option for the environment at this time. We encourage our customers to reuse our recycled bags as much as possible and to make their best efforts to re-recycle them.

What you can Expect

In the coming months you’ll see more projects that reuse the bags for fun crafts and science projects right here on our diy page. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to get the most up to date project ideas!

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