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Color Science Experiment

 Walking water experiment
We all spill, especially with a house full of little kids.  How many times have we used paper towels to clean up a mess?  This color science experiment shows how water is absorbed by paper towels and the kids love watching the water “walk”.

Supplies: 3 clear cups, food coloring, water, paper towels

Step 1: Fill 2 cups with water. Put yellow food coloring in one cup and blue in the other.

Step 2. Roll up the paper towes lengthwise. Place the end of one towel into the blue dye and one end of the other towel in the yellow dye. Bend both the towels and put the loose ends into the empty cup and watch the magic happen.

Step 3: Leave it alone!  It takes awhile but eventually you will end up with the same amount of water in both cups.  The water travels up the paper towel and empties back into the empty cup.

If you really want to be creative, take three plastic cups and add blue food coloring to one cup, yellow food coloring to the second cup.  Put an empty cup in between the two cups with the paper towels.  It eventually will all go into the empty cup making green water.

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