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Forensic Science Kit

Household items and a bit of imagination will create a CSI Kit for your child to have investigative adventures with! It’s easy to make a forensic science kit that will allow your child hours of fun.

Supplies: Hot chocolate powder (or baking soda or baby powder), latex gloves, makeup brush, Q-tips, flashlight or black light, magnifying glass, a highlighter, tweezers, empty container.

Step 1: Collect all the items and put them in your container.

Step 2: Have fun making crime scenes and collecting evidence!

Here are a few things we did with our  CSI Kit:

Detective Kit

We dust for fingerprints on a glass by sprinkling the hot cocoa powder on it and gently dusting the glass with the makeup brush.

Forensic science kit

We wrote secret messages around the house with the highlighter and shined the backlight around to find them.

detective kit

We used the tweezers to pick up tiny fibers in the carpet and inspected them with a magnifying glass.

We also spilled some juice and swabbed it with the Q-tips to take back to the “lab” for analysis.


Zuri had a great time finding out who stole a book from the school room! She dusted a jar for (my) fingerprints. She found a secret code on the ground to unlock a door in a secret hideout. Then, she swabbed a highlighted fingerprint to send back to the lab. She found a clothing fiber in the carpet and “matched” it to a t-shirt in the laundry. Finally she concluded that I had stolen the book. She sentenced me to dish duty.

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