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dancing gumdrops

Dancing Gumdrops Science Activity for the Holidays

When we think of dancing at Christmas it’s usually sugarplums that come to mind. Instead of visions of sugarplums, we’re watching dancing gumdrops in this fun gumdrops science activity. If you’ve read our dancing corn post you know this activity is really easy to set up and kids love the reaction of the ingredients.


  • Clear Glass Jar
  • Vinegar (Amount Depends On Size Of Jar)
  • Baking Soda
  • Gum Drops


Pour vinegar into a clear glass jar, about halfway full. Adding too much will make an out of the jar eruption occur, which is fine if you are prepared for that.

dancing gumdrops science

Next, we added gumdrops. I wanted to add in extra learning so I asked my daughter a few simple math equations and the answers were how many gumdrops she could add at a time. It was fun!

I think overall we added 10-15 gumdrops and they sank right to the bottom.

dancing gumdrops science

The next step is to add a few TBS of baking soda. It will be a typical vinegar baking soda reaction. As the bubbles are being created, they surround the gumdrops and the gumdrops start to dance.

This happens for a good few minutes before the chemical reaction dies off and the gumdrops sink back to the bottom.

We added a little more baking soda to see if the reaction would occur a second time, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the first.

dancing gumdrops science

Dancing gumdrops might just be my new favorite winter break boredom buster as kids countdown to Christmas. Fill your afternoons with more exciting STEAM activities from our Pinterest page!

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One Comment

  • Deanna says:

    we tried the dancing gumdrop experiment. our gumdrop didn’t even move. We are trying to figure out why. we tried with a few gumdrops and with about 15 gum. They(gumdrops) just sank to the bottom and didn’t move. there was bubbles coming off of the gumdrops.


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