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Whether you’re looking for a way to beat the lockdown blues or trying to create more opportunities for outdoor fun, there are plenty of free backyard activities your family can enjoy together.

At Green Kid Crafts, we believe a child’s love of nature and the outdoors is a beautiful thing. Not only does it help shape the next generation of environmentalists, but it’s a great way to connect with your child and make lasting memories.  

Easy Backyard Activities for the Kids

  •         Create a Planting Station

Set up a planting station for your kids using tables and stools at their height. Planting, watering, and watching their plants grow will help them get closer to nature and develop a new sense of responsibility. Make sure to rinse off after doing these backyard activities! You can also reuse a box, grab some soil and miniature figures and other magical touches to create a fairy garden! Or think “outside the box” and turn a small corner of your yard into a tiny magical world for fairies. 

  •         Go on a Garden Exploration

Take your children out in the backyard and ask them to write down, draw, or name the animals, insects, and other organisms they see. They can also collect samples of leaves, flowers, and insects. Kids love outdoor backyard activities where they are exposed to different things.








  •         Create a Leaf Drawing

Leaf drawing is a simple art experiment that you and your children can enjoy. First, get a piece of bond paper and leaves of different plants. Then, sketch the leaves on the paper using different colors and let children put together the different leaves to produce a unique design. You can also make a leaf color extraction experiment.

  •         Make a Treasure Hunt

What about turning your backyard into a treasure hunt? Hiding something special for your kids to find almost never gets old. Whether it’s an item they’re already familiar with, a special toy, or a new surprise, there are so many variations of this sure to entertain.  

Take it up a notch and have your child hide the treasure, then draw a treasure map to guide the solver! 

  •         Have a Picnic

It’s amazing how special a simple picnic blanket can be. Just changing up a meal or snack routine can make any afternoon a little bit more interesting. 

You can also have your kids host the picnics and be in charge of setting up for snack: all you need is a spot to sit and a blanket. We’ve even seen some great examples of indoor picnics, so feel free to use your imagination!

Keeping kids entertained in your own home can be challenging, but these backyard activities are sure to inspire creativity and combat boredom.  

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