Science projects for kids. Egg drop experiment using items found in the kitchen.

Science for Kids Egg Drop Experiment

Today we’re working on a classic science experiment for kids. Can an egg survive a fall from a high place? Will it crack and splatter all over the ground? We’re going to try to keep the shell in one piece with this egg drop experiment. Gather your supplies from under the kitchen sink!

What makes an egg drop to the ground and crack? When you release the egg, gravity pulls it to the surface of the earth and the force of that pull breaks the egg’s shell. We won’t be defying gravity in this project, but we will try to cushion the force to keep the shell intact.


  • Egg
  • Straws
  • Duct tape
  • Sponge
  • Scissors

egg drop experiment


  1. Cut an egg sized hole in the sponge, stick the egg in the hole.
  2. Stick straws through the sponge.
  3. Tape additional straws across the back of the sponge to create more of a protection and barrier.
  4. Throw the egg from a high place (like a deck) and watch the egg survive the fall!

egg drop experiment

egg drop experiment

egg drop experiment

If your egg didn’t survive the fall grab another one and keep on trying. The fun thing about science is that it is a learning process.  Experiment with other materials too like bubble wrap or a potholder. Wrap them around the egg and secure with tape before dropping. Did your egg crack?

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