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Egg Waffle Recipe

Egg Waffle Recipe

Another great kid-friendly recipe from our guest blogger Kristen Beer from With a Grain of Salt.

As I’ve mentioned before, my son is a very particular eater. He cannot bring himself to touch, much less try to eat, new foods, especially if they’re wet or sticky. Forget sauces and gravy, dips and condiments. He likes his food bare and plain.

A friend shared an article with me about all the different things you can make in a waffle iron and I immediately knew I’d struck gold. First I started out just putting a scrambled egg in the waffle iron. It makes for a nice crispy egg but quickly looses it’s agreeable texture. So I started experimenting and came up with something that looks like a waffle, smells like a waffle, and, well, it’s a waffle. BUT. It’s mostly egg. No added sugar or fat and, since my child approaches syrup with horror and disgust (because it’s wet so he’s never tasted it,) they’re fairly healthy. Try it with peanut butter or nutella!

Here’s the recipe – great for breakfast, lunch or dinner:


1 egg

1 tsp milk /water

2 tbs whole wheat flour

1/4 tsp baking powder

juice of 1 lemon wedge

1/2 tsp vanilla



First, whisk up your egg in a bowl.

Next add the flour, vanilla, and cinnamon and stir it all together.

Then, add the baking powder. Before you mix it in, squeeze the lemon wedge over the baking powder. It will foam and fizz which will help add height and fluff to your waffle. Just add enough to get all the powder fizzing. Your waffle won’t taste like lemon.

Egg Waffle Recipe

Spray your waffle iron with cooking spray.

This is enough batter for one side of the waffle iron which is usually about one meals worth of food for my son. I’ve gotten pretty quick at throwing it all together quickly in about 5 minutes or less for a fast sure-thing at lunch time.

Egg Waffle Recipe

Egg Waffle Recipe

It’s made with simple whole foods and he eats it almost every time!

Voila! It’s a whole egg plus a whole grain. Nutritious and homogeneous. Just the way my buddy likes it.

Egg Waffle Recipe

Healthy and tasty and if you make more than you need, freeze them and they re-toast very well in your toaster.


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