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Green Kid Crafts Launches a New Line of Boxes!

By February 10, 2024February 28th, 2024One Comment

Green Kid Crafts Launches a New Line of Boxes!

NEW! Green Kid Crafts Launches a New Line of Boxes That Will Change the World

This spring, Green Kid Crafts is turning over a new leaf! We’re launching a new line of STEAM boxes through their award-winning subscription program. Each filled with 4-6 science and art projects for kids, the 25 new boxes will inspire kids to create, discover and learn around all new themes.

Learn more about the new boxes and themes in this interview with Green Kid Crafts founder and CEO, Penny Bauder. 

Tell us about this exciting news, a whole new line of box themes! 

We’re very excited to announce that we have developed 25 new STEAM boxes for our 2022 subscribers, starting this month! Fifteen of these boxes are designed for children ages 3-5, and 10 are for children ages 5-12+.

Our boxes are filled with educational and eco-friendly toys, STEAM activities, science experiments and craft projects to celebrate creativity and activate thinking.

Green Kid Crafts’ monthly STEAM box themes generally fall within four categories: Ecosystem Science, Environmental Activism, Wildlife Science, and Earth Science. Past kits have included: 

Seasonal and holiday-specific themes are also regularly released.

What a huge project, why did you feel compelled to launch a new line of boxes with so many themes?

The world is changing rapidly, and learning environments keep shifting for parents! We’re adapting alongside parents by creating more at-home learning options, while still standing by our commitment to engage the “whole child” through creative, nature-based, environmentally-sustainable, fun boxes. 

In addition, our customers are loyal and many have stayed with us for a long time. We were one of the first subscription box businesses, and have the largest collection of box themes already with almost 50 in our catalog!  But we are always creating new learning opportunities for our subscribers.  Our subscribers deserve new boxes, and we’re happy to create them!

I know you can’t let every surprise out, but can you tell us about a few of the new themes? 

Look for a new box to start shipping this month as part of the Junior subscription, Human Body Jr! In March, both Junior and Discovery subscriptions will have the opportunity to learn about bees while being encouraged to save and protect them. And in April, children will have fun with butterflies.  But there’s so much more to come! 

What’s different about these box themes? 

We’ll always stand by our commitment to include 4-6 STEAM activities in every box to help kids explore their environment and develop a love of nature. But these new box themes will encourage a new generation of environmentally-minded kids, a cause we feel strongly about.  The 25 new STEAM boxes have a new focus on mindful play and learning, with an environmentally-friendly approach.  

Can you tell us a little about the process of developing a new box theme?  

The box themes we choose are designed to build the next generation of environmental scientists. That’s a moving target these days, but the world needs us more than ever to step up. 

When developing a new box, collaboration is key. We rely on customer feedback that is collected by our customer service team, comments and requests from our warehouse team, and important but fun topics for the season the box will ship to our subscribers.

Our goal is to include a takeaway in every box, with an emphasis on the environment.  This takeaway is an activity that lasts beyond the box, to the benefit of the environment.  For example, in our new Butterflies Box, the takeaway activity is a butterfly shelter that children build, decorate and paint, then hang in their garden. 

What’s a common question you get about your boxes from customers? 

How can I sign up to receive these new boxes? The boxes will be shipped through our subscription program, which is offered to two age groups: children age 3-5 (Junior) and children age 5-10+ (Discovery). You can sign up for 1-, 3-,6-,or 12-month subscription, and your child will begin receiving the new boxes monthly.

Right now, we’re running a great promotion: When you sign up for a 12-month subscription, you get 2 boxes free. Just enter the code NEWLEAF at checkout!

Because we have so many boxes, another frequent question is, Where do I start? Or, which STEAM box is the best one? If you’re not ready to start a monthly subscription, I recommend trying a 3- or 5-pack. They are themed for your young activist, scientist, zoologist or STEAM-enthusiast, and make great gifts.

This sounds like something your whole team has been working on for a long time. What are you most excited about with the launch of this new line and how will you celebrate?

I’m most excited that we are doing our part to take care of our planet.  The environment needs more stewards, and if we can inspire some children and families to start taking action in their local communities and backyards, then that’s all the celebration we need. 

But we might also have a launch party in our warehouse: Stay tuned! 

How can people get in on this fun? 

We start shipping our new STEAM boxes this month! Sign up for our monthly subscription and you’ll automatically begin receiving our new boxes! 

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