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Candy conversation hearts science activity. Use candy hearts in this science experiment for kids!

Candy Heart Experiment with Free Printables

Do you have a few candy conversation hearts left over from Valentine crafting or baking? Here’s a fun Valentine science experiment for kids to try at home!

Candy Heart Valentine Science Experiment

Ages: Preschool+

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Key Skills:

In this activity kids will focus on prediction and observation; two key steps in the scientific process. The three-page printable packet includes a supply list and directions, a prediction worksheet and an observation worksheet. Kids will focus on writing down their predictions about what will happen to candy hearts dropped in certain liquids, observe the hearts, and write down their observations when the experiment is complete.

Older kids will enjoy filling the cups with the various liquids while younger kids can count out the candy needed for each cup of liquid. The complexity of this experiment can be reduced or increased based on the ages of the children conducting the experiment. Younger kids can make simple predictions while older kids can explain a predicted outcome.

Candy heart prediction and observation makes a fun classroom activity for small groups of kids. As a group they learn to brainstorm together, agree on predictions, delegate jobs for the experiment, and observe and “publish” the outcome of the experiment as a group. Later they can present their findings to the class.

If you’re trying this at home you can also use other liquids you have around the house for more Valentine science fun! Did the different liquids have the same effect on the candy conversation hearts?

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Directions for printing the Candy Heart Science Experiment: Click on the “Click to Print” button above to open the PDF. Download and save the PDF. Open the saved file to print.

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