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Hiking Sticks: Create Your Own!

By April 9, 2020April 26th, 2020One Comment



Kids getting out and experiencing nature is one of the best ways to develop an appreciation for the earth!  But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s the “let’s go for a hike” can be met with a groan and eye-roll. This is one of our favorite activities — because first, you have to go on a hike to *find* the perfect hiking stick.  And then you get to decorate it. And last, you’re gonna have to use that beautiful hiking stick! It’s an easy and fun way to get kids excited about hiking, exploring new trails, and admiring the nature around them.  And it’s creative with endless possibilities for any age.


  Paint for Hiking Stick

Hiking Sticks Supplies 

>a long stick (or purchase hiking sticks), we opted to just find one for this

>acrylic paint 

>paint brushes

>paper plate / painters palette

>optional : string, feathers, beads (if you do this step, you will also need to drill a hole in the top!)


Painting Hiking Sticks



Before we painted our stick, a parent drilled a hole in the top – this is optional by the way – we did this because we wanted to string beads from our hiking sticks! We also added push pins in the bottom of the stick so we could hold it while we painted without getting paint on our fingers!

Begin by painting your hiking sticks, bit by bit. We stood our sticks up to dry in between multiple coats of paint. We also opted for multiple different colors on our hiking sticks for fun, but you could do one solid color if you wanted!  

Beads on Hiking Sticks

We strung beads on some string, and tied it through a hole in the top of the stick. Then you are all ready to go!  

Now your decorated sticks are ready to get dirty on your hiking trips.  

Hiking Sticks: A DIY Craft


Encouraging nature exploration is great for kids of any age. This is one way to make a hiking stick – show us yours!


Photographs and content by: Heather Kucenski

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