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Snowglobe Craft

By November 2, 2023November 9th, 2023No Comments

snowglobe craft for kids

Snowglobe Craft for Kids

Who doesn’t love snowglobes?! You can make your own snowglobe with this fun snowglobe craft project.


Paper Snowglobe

Cotton balls, snowflake punch, glue, marker, blue and white construction paper, paintbrush, scissors, felt, white puffy paint, glitter glue, recycled plastic cover.


Paper Snowglobe

Step 1: Using the plastic cover, trace a circle shape in a piece of blue construction paper.

Paper Snowglobe

Step 2: Make snowflakes with the paper punch and white paper. Make a snowman out of the felt.

Paper Snowglobe

Step 3: Glue the snowflakes, cotton balls and a felt snowman inside the blue circle.

Paper Snowglobe

Step 4: Cover your entire creation with a layer of glitter glue. Then glue the plastic cover over the entire thing. Cut a snow globe “stand” out of the black construction paper and glue underneath your globe.

Paper Snowglobe

Write the words “Let it Snow” in white puffy paint on the stand.

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