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solar oven

You don’t need to build a campfire for your kids to get their fill of gooey marshmallow-and-chocolate s’mores this season. Just tap into the sun, the fuel source that people around the world use to power solar ovens. Here’s an easy pizza box model that will let you catch enough backyard rays to cook the coolest s’mores on the block.


Solar Oven Supplies:

s’more fixings, pizza box, wax paper, aluminum foil, black paper, scissors, tape


Solar S'mores

Step 1:  On the top of the pizza box, draw a square that is a few inches smaller than the lid. Use the scissors to cut through the cardboard along three sides, as shown, and then fold the cardboard up along the uncut line to form a flap.

Solar Smores

Step 2: Tape the aluminum foil to the flap.

Solar Smores pic 5

Step 3: Tape wax paper to the bottom on the flap to create the seal to keep the warmth in the box (or your solar oven). For the best results, the seal should be as airtight as possible. Tape black construction paper to the bottom of the box. 

Solar Smores pic 7

Step 4:  For each s’more, center two graham crackers on the construction paper. Top with a marshmallow then chocolate. Close the box and then use a stick or dowel to prop the flap open at the angle that reflects the most sunlight into the box (check it periodically to adjust the angle). Place your solar oven outdoors in direct sunlight with the flap opened toward the sun.

Solar Smores

Step 5: Within about an hour (or sooner if it’s a really hot day), the chocolate and marshmallows on your solar oven should be melted and ready to eat!

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