Teaching Kids How Sound is Made

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Sound experiments

Cause and effect is how kids learn to control and interact with their environment, and understanding cause and effect helps to develop problem solving and other important life skills. This experiment creates a visual understanding of how sound is created when a drum is hit.  It only takes minutes to put together. Beware, this project is lots of fun, but a little messy!

teaching kids how sound is made

Supplies:  Jars, cans and/or glass bowls; beans and rice, balloons, rubber bands, chop sticks/skewers, and cellophane papers.

teaching kids how sound is made

Step one:  Cut the bottom off of each balloon and stretch it around one of the bowls/jars.  Secure them with rubber bands.

teaching kids how sound is made

Step two:  Cut the cellophane paper to fit around the last bowl and secure with another rubber band.

sound experiments for kids

Step three:  Add beans and/or rice to the tops of the bowls.

sound experiments for kids

Grab some skewers or chopsticks and let the kids drum away!  This makes a mess but the kids learn how sound is made.  Ask them questions…if you bang softly what happens versus banging harder?  Do certain objects bounce more than others?  Is there a difference between the drum surfaces?

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