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tissue paper flowers

Pressed Tissue Paper Flowers

A few weeks ago, my 5-year-old daughter and I went to her school for a family night. They had games and served breakfast but also brought in animals for the kids to learn about and pet. When the zookeeper asked the kids what a bunny’s tail feels like most kids said a cotton ball, which is a valid answer, but my daughter said a pom pom. My friend leaned over and said, ‘you can tell she’s a crafter’s daughter’. And that she is. So much so that she came up with the idea for these Pressed Tissue Paper Flowers {mostly} all on her own.

She herself is a crafter. She crafts on her own sometimes and we craft together quite often. Most of the time I lead by giving her an idea as inspiration and then we let creativity take over. Other times, though, she inspires me. Somehow, she comes up with these ideas and it makes me so proud to be her mama. She came up with the idea for these spring flowers and they turned out so amazing. So amazing that we put them in a vase as a spring decoration in our home.

The process of making these spring flowers is almost as fun as how they turned out. General craft supplies are needed but also a surprising supply: water.

Supplies Needed

Tissue Paper
Paper Straws
Hot Glue & Gun (White glue would probably be sufficient)
Foam Sheet
Spray Bottle Filled with Water
Cookie Sheet
Silicone Mat (or wax paper & second cookie sheet)

How We Made It

My daughter started off by cutting the tissue paper into strips and then squares.
As you can imagine they were not exact squares. Nor do they need to be, just smaller pieces – maybe 2-inch x 3-inch on average.

Next, we crinkled them up loosely.

We placed all the crinkled-up tissue paper on a cookie sheet and sprayed them down with water.
How much? Like morning dew. Not too much that it drenches them, but enough to make a difference.

We placed a silicone mat on top and pressed it down.
If you don’t have a silicone mat, you could try wax paper, a second cookie sheet, or maybe even tinfoil.

Then let it dry.
We took a little break and read a few stories while we were waiting. But if you want to speed up the process a hairdryer would do the trick. 

When the tissue paper is dry it looks like pressed flowers. 

Grab the foam sheet and cut circles out of them, about tennis ball size.

Next, we used hot glue to take pieces of the pressed tissue paper to the foam circles. We used a secondary color for the center of the flower.

I trimmed up the edges if there were bigger chunks hanging over.

Next, we glued a paper straw to the back and let them sit to completely dry.

Aren’t they so pretty? I am still in awe of how beautiful they turned out. I think this would be a fabulous Mother’s Day gift from a child or even a teacher appreciation gift. Make sure to request that your child make enough to save because you’ll want to keep some for yourself.

This cute tissue papercraft is a contributor post!

Deanna is a stay-at-home wife & mom who can’t start her day without a cup of coffee. She spends her days playing and making with her daughter. Together they enjoy all things crafting, baking, and learning through play. In her ‘spare time’, she likes to binge-watch Netflix, do DIY projects, or spend time with her family. She shares all this and more on her blog Play Dough & Popsicles.



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