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Water Science: Making Water Travel on a String

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Traveling water experiment for kids. Make water travel on a string from one container to another like magic!

Traveling Water Experiment

Is it possible to make water travel from one cup to another on a string? This experiment will show you how you can make water travel down the string without touching the ground, and into a different cup. Kids can make predictions, observe, and document the results of this traveling water experiment.


traveling water

  • 2 cups, 1 filled with water
  • Cotton string
  • Food coloring
  • Scotch tape

How to make Water Travel on a String

  1. Tape one end of the string to the inside bottom of a cup.
  2. Fill the other cup with water and add food coloring. Put the freeĀ end of the string in the water.
  3. Hold the cup with water up but not directly over the empty cup. Be careful that the string in the empty cup does not come out.
  4. Carefully pour water out of the full cup onto the string.
  5. Soak the entire string in water and try again. The water will travel from the full cup through the string to the empty cup.

traveling water

traveling water

Did your water travel to another cup? Using food coloring and a light colored string will make this experiment more visually appealing.

traveling water

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