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15 Ways to Recycle a Green Kid Discovery Box

By May 2, 2022No Comments

Ways to Recycle a Green Kid Discovery Box

What do you do with your Green Kid Discovery Box once your pint-sized scientists and artists have completed the monthly themed activity? Teach your kids about the importance of recycling and reusing materials by finding new ways to use your empty Green Kid Box. Below are 15 fun and creative ways to repurpose your Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box.

Make a Diorama or Puppet Theater. Use your box as a creative project by making a diorama or puppet theater using any theme you want!

Rainforest Theater

  • Box Guitar. Cut off the top of the box, stretch rubber bands around the short side and you have a fun instrument!

cardboard box guitar

  • Catapult. Glue a small cup on a plastic or wooden spoon. Slip it under a rubber band wrapped around the short end of your box. Put some pom poms in the cup, pull down, and fire away.

Homemade catapult

  • Shoebox. Green Kid Discovery Boxes are an excellent way to keep your kiddo’s shoes in tip-top shape and an awesome way to organize your closet!
  • Building Blocks. Paint or decorate our packaging to create unique and inexpensive kids’ blocks. Save them all and soon you’ll have enough to build a cool fort.
  • Solar Oven. Cut a flap in the top of the box as shown. Line the flap with foil. Tape down a Ziplock bag over the hole; make it airtight. Line the inside of the box with black construction paper and you are all ready to make some smores!

Cardboard Box Solar Oven

  • Magnetic Photo Frames. Cut out the frame on the side of the box, add adhesive magnets, tape in your favorite photo and you’ll have a bright and colorful frame for your refrigerator.

Cardboard photo frame

  • Gift Box. Our boxes are great for packaging a gift.  Just place your gift in the box and wrap it with wrapping paper.
  • Portable Art Studio. Fill with art supplies and use as a portable art studio for in the car or during doctor appointments.

Recycled Art Supply Box

  • Nature Shadow Box. Go on a nature hunt and collect some specimens. Cut a rectangle out of your box, glue in your specimens and display.

nature shadow box

  • Photo Storage. Use to save and store those special memories. Decorate the box and remember to label for easy identification!
  • Ribbon Dispenser. Make a ribbon dispenser for crafting or holiday gift wrapping.  Cut one or two holes, depending on the size of ribbon spools you have, on each short side of the box.  Starting outside of the box, insert the wooden skewers through the ribbon spools inside the box.  Then, cut holes and use grommets for decoration; thread your ribbons through the grommets for easy ribbon measuring and cutting.
  • Pontoon Boat. Recycle your box into a floating pontoon boat! See the instructions here.
  • Sock Drawer Organizer. Use a straight-edge blade to cut the top off one Discovery Box.  Then cut into pieces to use as dividers inside the remaining box piece.  Insert the dividers and place pairs of socks in the box for easy access!
  • Store your Green Kid Crafts Activity Cards and Instructions. Finally, keep one Discovery Box to store all of your custom-designed cards and instructions!

If you’re not already a Green Kid Crafts subscriber, don’t wait another day to join! Single-purchase boxes available, too! Follow us on Instagram and tag us with your recycled GKC boxes!

Every month a different box! For kids ages 3-10+

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What’s different about Green Kid Crafts?

4-6 bite-sized learning activities in every box
Founded by a Scientist, each box has substance to it.
Mom-founded, mom-run, each box kitted by hand in the USA.
Green and rooted in sustainability, we plant a tree for each order.
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