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animal footprint shoes

Animal Footprint Shoes Activity

Mimic your favorite safari character with animal footprint shoes! This is a surprisingly easy and super-fun project. Then wear your shoes in the snow, on the beach, or in the mud and leave the impression to unsuspecting passersby that wildlife has wandered into the area!



Flip flops/sandals, thick craft foam, scissors, and hot glue.

animal footprint shoes

Step one:

Help your child investigate types  animal tracking! We focused on animals that would be found in Africa on a safari. We used the internet and books. Our favorite book for this was the The Usborne Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Natural World.

Step two:

Trace the tracks onto the foam.  Depending on the age of your child, they may need help tracing and then cutting them out.

Step three:

Glue the prints to the the bottom of your shoes. Hot glue definitely works the best for keeping the foam secure on the shoes.

Step four:

Go on your safari! Even though Africa isn’t full of snow, we left our tracks in the freshly fallen white stuff. This works great in sand or mud, too.

Aside from these animal footprint shoes, there are more Safari Science activities at Green Kids Crafts that your kids can enjoy.


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