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earth day handprint craftUpcycled Earth Day Handprint Craft

Celebrate Earth Day (or any day) with a fun handprint craft for kids. This painted earth surrounded by handprints is a great way to show kids that we are all helping hands for our earth and we need to work together to keep the environment clean. Make this craft in your classroom or at home. Show siblings that they can work together on reducing waste, recycling food containers, and reusing things in their own home!

How can you help our Earth?

There are so many easy ways to help the environment stay clean and healthy! Here are some ideas you and your kids can start within your own home:

Re-Use Towels for Baths and Showers

Hang your towels to dry between uses to save water

Buy Re-Usable Water Bottles and Food Containers

Fast food is so convenient when we’re on the go but it also produces a lot of waste from food packaging. Instead, take an hour or two a week to meal prep lunches into reusable containers. Buy sports bottles for water instead of using disposable water bottles.

Upcycle and Craft

Instead of throwing away those old end tables repaint them and they’ll be as good as new! Upcycle furniture for new uses, and make crafts from disposable household products such as paper rolls and egg cartons.

earth day handprint craft


Earth Day Handprint Supplies

  • Round Chipboard (found at craft stores)
  • Blue Craft Paint
  • Green Craft Paint
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue

Earth Day Handprint Activity

Start by painting a piece of chipboard blue. Once it’s mostly dry, add land with the green paint.

earth day handprint craft

earth day handprint craft

While the earth is drying trace around your child’s hands on a piece of construction paper and cut out their handprints. Use different colors of construction paper for the handprints that will go around the earth.

Glue the base of the handprints to the back of the earth. It’s okay if the handprints overlap. For a class full of kids, you will need to use larger chipboard circles.

earth day handprint craft

We can’t wait to celebrate Earth Day with you! Follow us on Facebook and tag us your creations!

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