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Chicks in a Nest

Chicks in a Nest Easter Treat for Kids

Easter is hopping closer and my kids are ready to eat all the pretty candy they see on the grocery store aisles. On our most recent trip to the store I decided it was time to come up with an Easter treat my kids can make. It was a tough decision between the pink cotton candy, cream filled eggs, and pastel marshmallows but my kids and I finally decided to make a treat with the little sugar covered Peeps chicks. There are so many colors and flavors that they’ll make any kid excited about getting in the kitchen and crafting a treat!

Supplies for an Easter Treat

  • Sugar covered Marshmallow Peep Chicks
  • Edible Candy Grass
  • Pastel Candy Eggs
  • Small Pink Doily


easter treat


Making the Chicks in a Nest

We used white plates because they really make the colors of this treat stand out.

  1. Place the doily on the center of the plate.
  2. Pull a hand-full of grass from the package and shape it into a circle on the doily. If the grass doesn’t stay in a circular shape wrap a couple pieces of the grass around the bunch to hold it in place. Add a little grass to the inside of the nest too.
  3. Put a few candy eggs inside the nest and one or two marshmallow chicks on the side of the nest.

easter treat

These cute diy treats are a fun addition to an Easter gathering for the kids. You can set up a nest making table with different colors and flavors of marshmallow chicks and eggs. Let the kids make their own nests to take home or eat right then as a special Easter treat!

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easter treat


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