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Build a constellation shadowbox

Outer Space Activity: Circuit Constellation Shadowbox

Today we’re reusing our Green Kid Crafts cardboard box to make a simple circuit constellation shadow box. If you don’t have an empty Green Kid Crafts box you can use a shoe box.


  • 1 Empty Green Kid Crafts box
  • Black paint
  • Simple circuit supplies (see THIS POST for supplies and directions) OR  a string of holiday lights
  • Nail or another sharp object.
  • Pencil
  • Printable constellation stencil

constellation activity


Start by cutting the lid off of the empty box.

constellation activity

constellation activity

constellation activity

Paint the inside of the box with black paint. Let the paint dry.

constellation activity

Print the constellation guide and tape it to the bottom of the box.

constellation activity

An adult can use the nail to puncture holes in the box using the dots on the guide.

Use a pencil to widen the holes, making them large enough to place bulb holders through the holes.

constellation activity

Push the bulbs holders into the holes. If you’re using a string of holiday lights you can push the bulbs in from the backside of the box. Make sure the bulb holder fits inside the hole in the box and not the bulb itself.

constellation activity

Set the box on its side in a dim room or outdoors. Light the bulbs using your simple circuit set up or plug the holiday lights in to see the constellation light up!

constellation activity

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