fluffy apple slimeFluffy Apple Slime

If your kids are part of slime mania, this project is sure to please! Making this activity even more exciting for my crew was getting to mix in shaving cream, something we don’t use in our slime mixes. Perfect for Fall and even Johnny Appleseed Day is this apple themed, fluffy slime that is perfect for all ages!


  • Sta-Flo Laundry starch
  • Shaving cream (the thick, white kind)
  • Elmer’s clear glue
  • Leaf
  • Stick
  • Apple essential oil (optional)
  • Red food coloring

apple slime supplies


Fluffy slime is one part starch, one part shaving cream and one part glue. Use these ratios when making your slime. It is as simple as that! When done mixing, let rest for about five minutes. You don’t want it to be stringy. If it sticks too much, add in bits of starch at a time and mix well.

creating apple slime apple slime next stepsmaking apple slime

Our food coloring made our “apple” look more pink, so we decided that we had a Pink Lady apple! It was such a cool consistency to play with, having added the shaving cream. We put it into a container afterwards to pull out for another afternoon of slime fun!

Note: Using a form of borax can be rough on sensitive skin. The combo of laundry starch and shaving cream can be harder on skin than traditional slime. Try baking soda slime if a more gentle method is needed.

making slimemaking apple slime finished apple slime

messy apple slime

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