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DIY parachute

Homemade Parachute

Sometimes the most simple of projects can be the most fun! Today we’re making a homemade parachute for small toys from string and a coffee filter. The coolest part of this activity is that kids can decorate the parachute any way they’d like so each one is unique! Create teams of toys using colors, or just decorate for each individual toy. Build something with LEGOs and watch them glide to the ground with their parachute or attach any small toy to the parachute.

how to make a toy parachute


  • String
  • Coffee filter
  • Mini figure
  • Markers/Crayons

Directions for making a Parachute

diy parachute

  1. Use coloring utensils to design your coffee filter
  2. Tear 4 thin holes near the end of the coffee filter
  3. Weave the string through the holes and tie off
  4. Raise your figures arms and tie off the string to its hands
  5. Find a safe place with a bit of height to release your parachute and watch your toys float to the ground.

Once kids have gotten used to how their parachutes glide when dropped use a piece of paper and some crayons to make a landing pad. Can they get their toys to land on paper? Smaller toys will glide slowly to the ground while larger or heavier toys will drop faster. If your child is having trouble getting their toy to fall slowly using the parachute try a smaller or lighter toy.

building a homemade parachute

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