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Color Science Painting with Ice Cubes

Color science winter activity for kids. LEarn about mixing colors to create new colors with a fun ice painting art project.

Ice cube paintings

Color Science: Painting with Ice Cubes

Winter and summer are a great time to use ice in sensory projects. Today we’re combining a sensory art activity with color science in this ice cube painting craft for kids. It also makes a great last minute boredom buster for kids because you probably already have the supplies you need for this project in your kitchen!

Sensory and Science Extended Activity Tips

  • Before you start this activity you may want to add in a lesson about changes in matter. This project starts with changing liquid to a solid before going into the art project. As your child paints the solid turns back into a liquid.
  • Have your child clasp their hands together before painting with the ice. They can feel the warmth of their hands. Next have them hold the cold ice in their hand for a moment. As it melts a little explain how the heat melts the solid back into a liquid.
  • Teach kids about primary and secondary colors (or just mixing and making new colors) by painting with two pieces of different colored ice. As the ice melts and the colors blend, new colors appear. Yellow and blue make green, blue and red make purple, and so on. Kids love to see the magic of the colors changing!


ice cube painting

  • Paper
  • Ice cube tray
  • Food coloring
  • Water


ice cube painting

ice cube painting

Add a little water to each ice cube spot in the tray.

ice cube painting

Drop the food coloring into each separate ice cube square

ice cube painting

Carefully fill 2/3 of each cube mold full of water

ice cube painting

Freeze the water until it forms into ice

ice cube painting

Now start painting with your diy watercolor paints! Moving the paper and lifting it up will cause colors to blend and new designs to form.

How did your ice cube paintings turn out? Give us a tag on Instagram to show off your project!

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