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Wrapping Paper Roll Rain Stick Noise Maker

Do you have empty cardboard tubes around the house? Follow this GKC fun craft and make a DIY Paper Roll Rain Stick noisemaker with kids! Rainsticks were used by ancient civilizations to bring thunderstorms. Hollowed out cacti, bamboo, or other tube-like plants were lined with pins and small stones placed inside. When the rainstick was turned over the pebbles would fall through the pins and make noise that sounds like rain.

Today we’re making our own rainsticks but the pins are optional. If you’d like to have a sound closer to rain you can insert short sewing pins into the sides of the tube as the last step.


  • Wrapping paper roll
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Colorful paper or markers
  • Beads, coins or other noise-making small objects
  • Aluminum foil


rainstick craft

Start by decorating your tube with your selected supplies.

rainstick craft

Then tape a square of aluminum foil to one end of the tube, I covered mine back up with construction paper to make it look clean.

rainstick craft

Next, pour your noise-making small objects down the tube.

Repeat the square of aluminum foil taped on the last open end of the tube.

rainstick craft

Finally, it’s time to hear the sounds of your Paper Roll Rain Stick! Slowly move the stick back and forth to create sounds similar to the sounds of rainfall.

rainstick craft

How does your rainstick sound? This DIY rainstick is a great way to use up those wrapping paper rolls after the holidays or kids’ birthday parties.

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