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rainforest frog craft

Rainforest Frog Craft

Did you know the rainforest is filled with brightly colored frogs? Make your own red-eyed tree frog craft while teaching your kids about the wonders of the rainforest.

red-eyed tree frog craft

Supplies: paper plate, red/green/orange construction paper, green paint (or another bright color), scissors and glue.

red-eyed tree frog craft

Step 1: paint the inside of the plate green.

red-eyed tree frog craft

Step 2: cut out oval eyes for the frog. Draw pupils and glue to the top of the plate.

red-eyed tree frog craft

Step 3: cut out four green legs with orange feet and glue them together. glue finished legs to paper plate body.

red-eyed tree frog craft

Step 4: cut out a red tongue for the frog. attach to the middle of the plate.

red-eyed tree frog craft

Your rainforest red-eyed tree frog is complete!

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