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recycled bottle craft

DIY Caution Cone Recycled Bottle Craft

Easy recycled bottle craft for indoor or outdoor play. Kids can use these cones when they’re outside riding their bicycles or scooters. Make an obstacle course, create a one-way riding circle, or warn others of areas they can’t ride. This is a great recycled craft for any time you’d like to show kids that they need to watch out for a cone zone!

DIY Caution Cone Supplies:

  • Empty Coffee Creamer Bottle (the shape shown in the images works best)
  • Orange Construction Paper
  • Tape or Glue

How to make a Caution Cone

  1. Wash and dry the empty creamer bottle.
  2. Use scissors to remove the label from the bottle.
  3. Wrap the orange construction paper around the bottle. Start with the corner of the paper in the top half of the bottle and wrap the bottle so the paper sits diagonally on the bottle with the paper tighter on the top than on the bottom.
  4. Secure the paper on the bottle with tape or glue.

recycled bottle craft

Aren’t these the cutest caution zones you’ve ever seen? Your kids will feel like real construction workers making these cones from recycled bottles and using them during play.

Ideas for using the DIY Caution Cone

  • Set up a bike or scooter path in your driveway
  • Place the cones near an outdoor area where kids need to use caution.
  • Place the cone indoors as a toy car caution zone
  • Use the cone as a wet floor warning after mopping
  • Use them in a sandbox when kids are bulldozing and hauling sand in their toys

Using recycled materials teaches kids how easily items that are usually thrown away can be reused, reducing the waste created by your family.

For more DIY and eco-friendly projects, please check out our Pinterest page!

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