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Robot Wind Chimes – Robot activities for kids

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robot wind chimes

Robot Wind Chimes

Looking for robot activities for kids? This project is one of our favorites! Recycle tin cans by engineering your own unique robot wind chimes perfect for windy days.

Supplies:  cans, pipe cleaners, paint, twine, scissors, metal primer, hammer, nail/screwdriver, beads, and any other decoration for hair, etc.
Robot Windchimes
Step 1:  Take all the labels off the cans and spray them with metal primer.  Once dry this allows the paint to adhere to the cans.
Robot Windchimes
Step 2:  Poke or drill holes into the cans for arms, legs, and to attach the body.  Get creative and make all different sizes and shapes for your robots!
Robot Windchimes
Step 3:  Assemble the robot body by using twine and knotting it to keep the head and body separate.  Then poke pipe cleaners through holes for the arms and legs.
Robot Windchimes
Step 4:  Add beads, buttons or anything fun to the pipe cleaners to add dimension to the arms and legs.
Robot Windchimes
Robot Windchimes
Step 5:  Begin painting the cans – eyes, lips, nose and body colors!  We added yarn for hair also!
Robot Windchimes
Hang your awesome Robot wind chime outside!

Robot Windchimes

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