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There are so many uses for recycled cereals boxes! This photo album made from a recycled cereal box is so fun for kids to make at home. Add photos from a recent vacation, winter break, or fun family weekend to create a one of a kind keepsake. The photo book also makes a great gift for kids to make for parents, grandparents and friends.

Supplies for a Photo Album made from a Cereal Box

  • 1 Cereal box (the album in this post was made from an 11.5oz. box)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make a Cereal Box Photo Album

  1. Use scissors to remove the front panel from the cereal box leaving the top flap attached. Repeat with the back of the cereal box.
  2. Discard the sides and bottom of the cereal box in a recycle bin
  3. Cut the larger portions of the front and back in half. You will now have four pieces, two with flaps and two without
  4. Add glue to the colorful side of the flap on one piece of the cereal box.
  5. Place a non-flap box piece in portrait position, plain side up.
  6. Glue the flap to the right side of the box piece so it opens like a book. Use the images in the collage below as a visual guide.
  7. Add glue to the second piece of box with a flap; this time adding glue to the plain side of the flap.
  8. Attach the flap just to the right of the inside seam of the photo book, matching the two seams together. This creates a page in the book.
  9. Decorate the cover of the book with scrap paper, and cover any colorful images on the cereal box with scrap paper. Trim the edges as needed.
  10. Glue photos in your new photo book and add captions of your favorite memories!

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