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Egg Carton Craft Ombre Hanging Decoration

Spring holidays often leave us with more than a few egg cartons laying around and instead of tossing them we can upcycle them into something beautiful! This week on Green Kid Crafts we’re making crafts from egg cups for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Today’s craft is a cool ombre hanging mobile that will add a fun touch of color to your child’s bedroom. Kids are always so proud when an art project of theirs is on display, so they’ll love this upcycled egg carton craft.


  • Egg Carton
  • Blue, Green, and White Craft Paint
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Nail

egg carton craft


How to make an Egg Carton Mobile

  1. Start by cutting the egg cups from the carton. Once you’ve done this trim off any rough edges from the egg cups. We cut ours down about halfway on each cup.
  2. Use the lid of the egg carton as your paint palette (you’ll be using it later as part of the mobile) and squeeze blue paint on the carton lid.
  3. Start by painting the first egg cup with the blue paint. Add a little white paint to the blue and mix well before painting the second cup. Add more white paint to the blue for each additional cup until you have painting about six cups. They should range in color from blue to light blue.
  4. Next add more blue paint to the carton lid away from the light blue mixture. This time add some green to the blue for a dark blue-green. Paint one cup with this mixture before adding more green for the next cup.
  5. Once you have a dark blue-green and a lighter-blue-green painted cup squeeze a little green paint on your palette and paint an egg cup green. Add a little more white with each cup until you’ve painted all your cups. You should now have a range of colors from light blue to blue-green, and then to light green.
  6. Let the cups and carton lid dry.
  7. Cut the sides from the carton lid and hang the egg cups with twine from the lid. Use the nail to make holes and tie a knot to keep the cups in place. We started with a short string for our lightest cup and the longest for our blue-green cup.


egg carton craft

Egg carton craft. Make an ombre hanging mobile out of upcycled egg carton cups.



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