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Exciting Tornado Experiment

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Kids are always curious about the weather. They often ask why it rains, or why are there different shapes of clouds. As parents, you cam help nurture the inner-scientist in  your kids by performing science activities with them. This time, we’ll be having the tornado experiment using some of your kitchen equipment.

Science Activity for Kids: Tornado Experiment

What you will need: Mason jar, water, and dish soap.

Use mason jars to make your own tornado experiment! Who would’ve though that you can place an enormous natural disaster in a jar? Your mini scientist will have a blast with this hands-on experiment.

Step 1: Fill jar with water. You can use a glass jar for your tornado experiment. If possible, use those medium-sized jars in your home.


Step 2: Add some dish soap to the jar. You can use any type of dish soap as long as it’ll produce bubbles.

Tornado | Green Kid Crafts

Step 3:  To make the tornado, turn the bottle upside down, then quickly spin the bottle in a circular motion for a few seconds.

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