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We remember our moms yelling… it, but do our kids know why? We all know that kids are dirty, get down on the floor, and put all sorts of questionable items in their mouths. And try as we might teach them about how to wash their hands, sometimes we just need an extra push. With the newest insight from the CDC surrounding COVID-19, we know that “wash your hands” is now more important than it ever has been! No more just running it under water and calling it good!

So we knew… it was time for an EXPERIMENT!

At GKC, we want to help you teach your kids about ‘germs’ and what happens when you don’t really wash your hands correctly. In this experiment, we are going to teach them what happens when we wash with just water, how germs are spread, and what happens when we use both soap and water together.

Wash your Hands Experiment Supplies

Glitter – Any color!


Sink & Water


Start off by having your kid get their hands wet. Over the sink or a trash can, sprinkle glitter on their hands. These are our ‘germs’. Next, have them shake hands with someone nearby – sorry in advance if this is you! Uh-oh! They caught their germs!

Now have the child wash their hands with ONLY water. Did the water remove all the germs? You may find that it did not.

This time, have the child wash their hands with soap AND water, for 20 seconds. If you need a helper – sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song 2x, that is about the length of it! What happens then? You should notice that the germs are gone!


See what good old fashion soap and water can do? A whole awful lot!


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