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Build a Bug Playground from a Box

Bug playground


Do your kids love hunting for bugs during sunny days? Give the bugs their very own playground made from a cardboard box! We’ve transformed an empty Green Kid Crafts box into a colorful place for bugs to play.

Build a Bug Playground from your GKC Box


  • Empty Green Kid Crafts Box (or a shoebox)
  • Construction Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors


Start by cutting the lid off of your Green Kid Crafts box.  You can recycle the lid because you won’t need it for this project.

Next, cut strips of construction paper. Use the strips to create shapes for the playground. We made a short tunnel, a bumpy slide, and an arch. Make sure no sticky pieces of tape are showing when you glue the paper pieces down. Bugs can get stuck to sticky bits of tape and it can really injure them!

Where to Find Bugs

It can be hard to spot bugs out in the open unless they’re flying around the flower garden. We’re looking for bugs that crawl, not fly, for our bug playground. Gently lift large rocks or logs to find bugs. Once you’ve found some harmless bugs such as roly poly bugs (pill bugs), place them in your box and watch them play! Some bugs may be shy at first so give them time to get used to their new environment.

Once you’re done watching the bugs play be sure to set them loose again so they can head back to their home!

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