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Guatemalan Tarantula

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guatemalan tarantula craft for kids

DIY Craft for Kids: Guatemalan Tarantula

Try this fun and easy international craft for kids and make your own Guatemalan Tarantula!

Guatemala Tarantula

Supplies: white card stock, black paint, googly eyes, scissors and glue.

Guatemalan Tarantula

Step 1:  cover hands with black paint and put them heel to heel on the card stock.

Guatemalan Tarantula

Step 2:  once handprints are dry, cut the whole set of prints out in one piece.

Guatemalan Tarantula

Step 3:  glue eyes onto the spider.

Guatemalan Tarantula

Step 4:  Bend up the legs of the spider a bit and you’re done!! Now you have your Guatemalan Tarantula!!

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